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Training Schedule

Complete the admissions application at the link below prior to registering for a

Security Officer Series Training Program (B-SOC, A-SOC, F-SOC) 

Click Here for Admission Application

PLEASE CALL or contact us through this website for specific course scheduling information.  We will conduct a 10 minute consultation to determine the right program and training options for you.  Security Professional Development Institute provides training during the day, night, and weekend hours.  If you are not finding what you are looking for per your needs, call us and we can work with your personal or company requirements to schedule training as needed, making it convenient per your schedule.  If a specific course is not currently scheduled, SPDI will add you to a waiting list and when that course is scheduled, our Admissions Officer will contact you.

The Security Professional Development Institute offers almost 70 different certification or license training programs and services.  We offer several ways to register for your particular course.  You can click the link below which will take you to our registration page.  You can select the course you want to take and pay for your course with a credit card to complete your registration and enrollment in the training course.  You may come into the training academy and pay with a money order or a cashier's/company check.  SPDI also accepts personal checks.  Please see note below. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL COURSES.

NOTE: If paying by personal check, SPDI will hold the students credentials or certification documents until the check has cleared.  If the check does not clear, the student will also be required to pay any and all bank fees incurred by SPDI.  Once all the fees for the course are paid by the students, the documentation will be released and given to the student.

Tuition Payment


All payments for tuition and fees must be made in full within seven calendar days after registration. As an alternative, an acceptable payment arrangement must be made with SPDI to secure the students intent to register for a program and make the required payments. Otherwise, any registration not finalized through the Office of Admissions will be dropped. For payment arrangements from outside sources of tuition assistance, if payment is not received from such source, the student is personally responsible for payment of all tuition and fees and such must be satisfied within the timeframe outlined above. Tuition and fees may be paid by personal check, money order, or major credit card. Starter checks are not accepted

An individual who is paying by money order or a cashier's/company check may register for a class but until payment is received, the seat in the training class is only tentative.  No seats will be held for training classes unless full payment is received prior to the commencement of the course.  To register for a course, please contact the office, 240-754-7895.

Tuition Payment Options


Direct Payment: Students may pay the full cost of tuition by means of check, money order or credit card. Checks are subject to a returned check fee in the amount of $35.00, if declined. Money orders must be completed properly with the full name and address of payee. Credit card payments are subject to a processing fee of up to 3.5% of the amount of the transaction.

Financial Aid and Tuition Payment Plans


In the event that a student's full balance is not covered by the standard direct payment method, the student may elect one of the alternative methods of tuition payment as follows:


Employer Assistance Programs: Students may receive tuition assistance from their current or prospective employer by means of an approved purchase order. Students are liable for tuition payments not honored by the requesting employer.

Government Agency Assisted Program: Students may be eligible to receive tuition assistance from an available grant administered by a local government agency. Restrictions and minimum qualification criteria may apply. Students are liable for tuition payments not honored by the government program.

Private Loan Programs: Students will be referred to any available private loan programs through a participating financial institution or brokerage firm. Students electing to utilize the option of a private loan program will be provided with the Maryland Higher Education Commission private lending brochure.

Payroll Deduction Program: Students who choose the payroll deduction option will only be eligible if accepting employment with an agency within our Strategic Recruiting Partner network. Students will agree to a payroll deduction of 4 equal payments, with the first payment due upon receipt of first paycheck after acceptance of employment with Strategic Recruiting Partner.

Promissory Note Programs: If a student's full balance is not covered by one or more standard methods of payment, the student may be allowed to pay their remaining balance in installments by executing a promissory note subject to credit verification. A mandatory deposit in the amount of no less than 20% of the outstanding balance must be paid prior to the first day of training. The remaining tuition balance may be paid in up to 4 installments equal to the initial deposit. All fees must be paid in full prior to the first day of training. A $25 service fee will apply to utilize the promissory note method of payment. The remaining tuition balance must be paid no later than the completion of the term. In the event that a student is unable to honor the full terms of an eligible promissory note plan, payments made towards such plan are non-refundable.

Note: Students are hereby advised that certificates for training and all related credentials will be held pending full payment of all outstanding tuition charges.

In addition, please complete the Security Professional Development Institute Admissions Application.  This application gives us your basic information, and allows SPDI to maintain your qualifications and certifications for future reference.  It also allows SPDI to determine what programs each student is eligible for so that we can properly train the student at the appropriate level.  The application can be emailed, faxed, or brought to our facility in person.

For registering for a Security Officer Series Training Program; B-SOC, A-SOC, or F-SOC, please click on the following link elow.  DO NOT complete the above application if you are registering for a Security Officer Series Training Program.  Security Officer Series Registration

NOTE - if you have questions about the Admissions Application or about the process, please contact our Admissions Officer [email protected] or call the Security Professional Development Institute.