Security Professional Development Institute   


Complete Security Officer Course Training Programs

The Security Officer Course Series (SOC) is an entry level security training program comprised of 9 program options, in 2 – 5 week durations. The SOS is a comprehensive training program to prepare the security professional for a rewarding career in various positions within the security field. Students will learn the requirements, duties, obligations and legal authority of an unarmed and/or armed security professional within the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. Security professionals will also learn criminal and civil liabilities, along with the use of force continuum.

Practical application of report writing standards will be demonstrated within the program. Additionally, students will learn the guidelines within the respective jurisdictions for using firearms and other intermediate levels of force (weapons) including advanced defensive tactics, handcuffing, pepper spray, and expandable baton. Emergency response training including application of First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) will also be provided. Course instructions will be conveyed through open platform classroom teaching, case-studies, team building exercises, hands-on practical activities and physical training activities. Upon completion of program, students will receive multiple certifications, along with license processing and career placement assistance to obtain employment in the security field.

To register for any of the Security Officer Series programs, please click on the following link to our admissions/registration system .  For further information, please contact our admissions officer, Robyn Owens; 240-754-7895.