Security Professional Development Institute   



The Security Professional Development Institute (SPDI) offers over 60 courses from entry level security courses to advanced level security management courses.   Our training instructors have advanced-level degrees, industry certifications and real-life experiences, along with certifications and approvals from regulatory agencies including:

     1.  Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
     2.  DC Security Officers Management Branch
     3.  Maryland State Police

     4.  American Red Cross
     5.  Larry Smith Enterprises
     6.  SAFARILAND - Monadnock

     7.  Human Factors Research Group - PPCT
     8.  National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division

Our training is designed to provide the proper foundation for security professionals, along with the applications for real time response scenarios.  Our training facility includes diverse set-ups ranging from small, practical and tactical courses to larger platform training environments. 

The Security Professional Development Institute has forged relationships with reputable companies within the security industry.   Security agencies are seeking SPDI trainees and graduates for short-term and long-term security assignments within the National Capital Region.   Our mission is to equip you with the necessary skills for a successful career in the security industry.

The Security Professional Development Institute is committed to utilizing competent trainers equipped with the ability to offer our students with the necessary tools and skills.  At SPDI, we pride ourselves on the qualifications of our training staff and their wealth of knowledge in the security industry.  The Security Professional Development Institute distinguishes itself with a primary focus on providing comprehensive security training for real-life applications, without compromising the quality of security training through accelerated and/or condensed classes.

Our flexible training classes include daytime, evening and weekend classes arranged to accommodate diverse lifestyles and busy work schedules.