Security Professional Development Institute   


Protective Service Officer's (PSO) are assigned to federal government contracts.  This training is based on specific training areas for those assigned to government contracts and meeting the minimum requirements documented below.

Minimum requirements to become a Protective Service Officer (PSO) are as follows:

1.  21 years of age or older

2.  US Citizen

3.  Federally certified PSO must meet one of the below requirements for consideration:

  • 3-5 years of security experience within the past 5 years - sometimes ARMED - OR
  • 3 years of military service (active or reserve)
  • Graduate from a Police Officer Standard Training (POST) course OR
  • 60 college credits
  • Reasonable combination of the above

4.  Have a Social Security Card

5.  Speak, read, and write English

6.  Be able to pass a background investigation (criminal and credit checks)

7.  Be drug free. You will have to pass a screening for illegal drug use

8.  Be capable of frequent and prolonged walking, standing, sitting, and stooping, up to 12 hours per day, either indoors or outdoors, during daytime or nighttime. You will need to pass a medical examination and maybe a physical agility test prior to employment by a client company as a PSO.  Once the candidate meets the minimum requirements, all required training must be successfully completed, at a minimum the candidate must complete an SF-85P (Questionaire for Public Trust Positions) for employment/assignment to work on a federal contract.  If the client/agency requires an additional security clearance, the candidate must complete and SF-86 (Questionaire for National Security Positions).


Other than the fees for training, there are no additional fees required for federal positions.  All fees are satisfied by the company the candidate is employed with.  If state requirements have to be met for employment as a PSO, the candidate may be required to pay those additional training fees to meet the requirements as a PSO.  Additionally, the company the candidate is employed with may supply the training, but then obtain reimbursement from the candidate through a payroll deduction.

NOTE - The Security Professional Development Institute can instruct the A-1 Course which involves the .38 caliber revolver.  Some government contracts and companies still use the .38 revolver.  If PSO's or companies have this requirement, please contact SPDI for further information for instruction.

A-9 Course of Fire

ICE-QT Target