Security Professional Development Institute   


SPDI Training Courses

Security Professional Development Institute is the complete training center in the National Capital Region.  We offer choices for our students and clients, not just specific courses.  Our courses are designed to lead security professionals through a progression of training area to become a Protective Service Officer on federal contracts.

SPDI's training is not only recognized and approved training curriculums for local, state, and federal training, but SPDI's training is also nationally recognized.  The training has not only been proven in the field by officers, but it has also been proven in a court of law as been legally justifiable training.

The Security Professional Development Institute currently offers 58 different law enforcement, corrections, and private security training courses and services as well as for civilian courses as well.  The training consists of federal and state specific training requirements, use of force and non-lethal weapon courses, and medical training courses.

SPDI also offers training on firearms and self defense for civilians as well.  Our online training, helps keep the student's required training within standards as well as keeping the officer current on all areas and aspects of their training needs.

NOTE - if you have questions about any training courses offered by the Security Professional Development Institute, please contact the Director of Training at [email protected] or contact the Security Professional Development Institute.